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              Contact us

              A Facility Machinery (Shanghai) CO.,LTD
              ADD.: No.555Mingye Road,Sheshan Industrial area,Songjiang,Shanghai
              Post Code:201602
              Service:+86-21-57802760 or +86-17717366069

              A Facility Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. professional researches and produces various types of concrete and mortar injection products, provides professional injection technology in various fields, complete solutions and technical services.

              Our products involved in two major product lines: mortar and concrete wet spraying machine pump. Our products have passed ISO9001 certification, products quality achieved leading level in industry field.
              Our company has always insisted outstanding panel of experts since 2014 company set up, superb technical services and reliable product quality, provide a comprehensive solution for the actual needs of the local market, to provide customers with long-term excellent and professional service system.