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              Contact us

              A Facility Machinery (Shanghai) CO.,LTD
              ADD.: No.555Mingye Road,Sheshan Industrial area,Songjiang,Shanghai
              Post Code:201602
              Service:+86-21-57802760 or +86-17717366069

              MS40EV Screw mortar pump series
              The  worm  pumps of  MS...
              MP300E Hydraulic version
              MP300E Without stirring bucket
              MP300E is a produc...
              MP300EM Dual-piston mortar pump
              MP300EM is a produ...
              MP720E Double--piston Hydraulic Mortar Pump
              MP720E is a double...
              US720E Double--piston Hydraulic spraying machine
              US720E is a double-piston hydraulic spra...
              MS25E Screw mortar pump
              The versatile worm pump of MS25E,can eas...
              1. No more damage vertical transport ...